Informationen zur
" Twentieth Century Key "


manufactured by Foote, Pierson & Co., New York City about 1900 and is called the "Twentieth Century Key".
This one is Serial #338. It has an all brass key with hanging wooden lever shaped like a pump handle, mounted on very heavy cast iron base.
Wooden lever of the brass case is pushed left to keep the key closed. This key was designed to help overcome "Telegrapher's Paralysis" which we now call "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome".
A small knob on the front of the key acts as the shorting switch. This key is fully functional and operates smoothly, including the shorting switch.
Wire connections are made inside with a wire running into the brass case from the side.
This key is stamped "Made by Foote Pierson & Co. New York. Pat Applied For." on the brass base.
The heavy metal base has most of it's original maroon paint, plus some of the gold painted decorations are also visiable.

It was popular with railroad brass pounders,but it was not successful, as only about 1000 of these were produced.