Details Vibroplex "Original" 1944 with case

base and nameplate painting during WW2

Nameplates were made of tin in WW2 and painted gold to look like brass,
brass was needed for the war.
The base was painted as well on the Deluxe, chrome also needed for WW2,
Battleship Gray is the base color.

from a 1945 Flyer

Vibroplex Carrying Case
There was a time when being a telegrapher was an important profession.
The telegrapher at the local railway station provided communications outside of many small towns and others.
As a professional, the telegrapher usually had his own key - mainly because most railway stations would have only provided a simple straight key bolted to the table.
The telegrapher would take his "bug" to work as any craftsman would bring his tools.

A delicately adjusted Vibroplex would not be just carried around in your lunch pail, had to have the official "Vibroplex Carrying Case".

These cases were always available from Vibroplex for around $ 5.00. They are leatherette covered on the outside and felt lined on the inside with a leather carrying handle.
Usually, they will just fit the larger "bugs" like the "Original" or the "Lightning Bug".
The latch keeps the "bug" safe during transport but the reason for the lock and key is a mystery since it obviously wouldn't protect against thieves taking both the "bug" and the case!