Informationen zur Morsetaste "SARAM"

made by SARAM in Frankreich zwischen 1936 und 1976

S ociété d'
A plications
R adioélectriques à l'
A éronautique et à la
M arine, Asnieres, was a French company specialized in the design of receivers and transmitters for aeroplanes .

Morsetaste mit
aufwändiger Kontaktgestaltung und Justierung. Die Einstellung von Federspannung und Kontakthub erfolgt über Kegelräder.
SARAM- Tasten wurden ab 1939 für den TX/RX SARAM 3/10 und später für den SARAM 3/11 gebaut.

SARAM was founded by Mr MERLES , an engineer of the famous "ecole superieure d'electricite" , in 1936 . This company was a pure "Design House" ,
the manufacturing being done under license by BRONZAVIA , a French company .
In 1949 , as Bronzavia was no more able to pay the fees , Monsieur MERLES founded an other company , OMERA , to manufacture the apparatus from SARAM .
SARAM was eventually sold to SINTRA-ALCATEL in 1979 . OMERA was sold to TRT in 1969.
One of the many SARAM transceivers was the model 3-12 design in 1938 and that was at this time a very performing short wave transceiver .
It was used in large quantities by the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe during WW2 .
In France this radio set was used in the "Caravelle" the first French jet plane of the fifties .